Defining Centralised Data Storage

Central Sever

A system or infrastructure where all data is stored in a single, central location or server. In this setup, data from various sources or Users is collected, processed, and stored in a central repository. This central storage facility serves as the primary data hub for the entire network or organisation.

Single authority 

All data access and management tasks are typically handled by a central authority or administrator. This administrator is responsible for maintaining and securing the data, implementing access controls, and ensuring data integrity and availability.

Users don’t own their data

Users must consent to the data submitted to be stored in the system. The data is protected by ‘Privacy Policies’ which Users must consent to, before submitting their data. Users have read and write permissions on their data, but they don’t ‘own’ their data. The use of data is dictated by the central authority and Users are subject to the terms of the platform.

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