The Equilibrium One Pager

The Equilibrium Protocol enables tokenisation of Human Health & Performance Data (Human Data) on an advanced and modern blockchain.
Equilibrium is a parallel Human data ecosystem that restores data ownership and accessibility permissions back to the individual, providing a viable to solution to current data monopolies.

Equilibirum is focused on developing programmable privacy and access controls to human data. This enables individuals to generate Private NFTs with Metadata that is not available for public access. It enables data view & access controls through blockchain technology.

Within the ecosystem, there a two primary roles – that of the individual and the collective. Both roles embody their own operational functions and objectives.

The individual is a single person. The collective is the group of individuals with shared objectives and operational functions within the collective.

This is exhibited in a traditional company, there is a CEO with the function to lead, and a sales assistant with the function to sell, both are working within the same company with an objective to generate profit. Both have different functions, yet are working towards the same goal.

The collective and individual can be thought of as opposing forces, with varied objectives. Through code, Equilibrium enables an abstraction of balance between the objectives of the individuals to that of the collective.

The concept can be thought of as decentralisation through centralisation to the individual using blockchain technology.

The current web 2.0 ecosystem stores Human data in centralised locations leading to data monopolies and severe vulnerabilities. The risks involved with centralised storage of Human data are not overtly obvious, with many agreeing to data terms of use without understanding.

Equilibirum is dedicated to advancing data privacy as a human right. Through decentralised technology, Equilibirum is creating more valuable systems that eliminate data monopolies.

Programmatically restoring informed consent to Human data.

Tori West
Founder likes exploring wellness, perichoresis, web3.0 and data.