Why we chose the XRP Ledger

Efficiency and scalability

The XRP Ledger can process a remarkable number of transactions per second, ensuring smooth and fast execution of minting and trading activities. This capability is crucial in capturing and celebrating sports performance achievements promptly, allowing athletes and fans to engage with the platform seamlessly and handling the high transaction volumes. 

Low transaction fees 

Unlike some other blockchain networks that impose high fees, the XRP Ledger offers minimal transaction costs, ensuring accessibility for athletes, fans, and collectors. Lower transaction fees enable broader participation and create a more inclusive ecosystem for minting and trading sports performance NFTs, ultimately fostering a vibrant community around these unique digital assets.

Decentralised network

By leveraging the decentralised architecture of the XRP Ledger, minted sports performance NFTs can be securely recorded and verified, assuring athletes and collectors of the authenticity, integrity, and ownership of these digital assets. This guarantees transparency, immutability, and trustlessness, aligning perfectly with the ethos of EQUIL.

Tori West
Founder likes exploring wellness, perichoresis, web3.0 and data.